About Us

Sarel completed his three-year diploma in photography at the Durban Technikon in 1984. He has since also attended a management training program at the University of the Free State and done a variety of short courses through the Institute of Professional Photographers of Southern Africa (PPSA).
Sarel was also Chairman of the PPSA, Free State region; and Vice-President of the PPSA at national level. The main purpose of the PPSA is to look after the interests of photographers. He has also served on the Free State Technicon's Advice Committee and the Certifications Board for Technikons.

Sarel has a wide experience in all fields of photography. He has also been managing the Photo Service Centre at the University of the Free State until recently. His duties included handling personnel matters, purchases, photographic productions, inventory management, and many more. He has also been the photographer for the Bloemfontein National Museum for four years.